Dok vam tipkam ovo, ispijam svoju jutarnju kavu koja ovoga puta nije klasična jaka, gotovo turska kava s vrlo malo mlijeka i nimalo šećera – kao inače. Danas pijem svoju, zdraviju verziju popularne ‘pumpkin spice’ kave s mlijekom koja je urnebesno fina, no za koju ipak treba malo više truda i vremena. Upravo zato što vikendom imamo malo više vremena i jutra nam nisu toliko kaotična, mislim da je ovo savršeni subotnji / nedjeljni napitak koji je zdrav, a ima okus doslovno kao desert.


Naravno, za ovaj vam napitak treba bundeva (što je savršeno jer je danas Halloween buahahahaha), no ako nemate bundevu, bilo koja tikva će poslužiti. Npr. ja sam koristila butternut tikvu. Odrežete manji komad, očistite ga i kuhate ga nekih 7-8 minuta dok ne omekša dovoljno da od njega možete napraviti pire. Moj trik koji štedi vrijeme i posuđe je da taj komad stavim u džezvicu, i kad se skuha, onda ga samo izvadim i odmah u toj vodi skuham kavu kako bi i inače. Kad ste skuhali kavu i od tikve napravili pire, u šalicu stavite žličicu tog pirea i trećinu šalice ispunite običnom nezaslađenom kavom.


Zatim dodajete pola žličice cimeta i žlicu meda, te lagano dosipavajte rižino / bademovo mlijeko do vrha šalice. Poslužiti uz keksić (po mogućnosti, neki fini domaći s medom i cimetom da si komplimentiraju okusi) – i to je to! Ako baš želite gurmansku verziju (i manje zdravu), onda si još gore posprejajte šlag, ali stvarno mislim da to uopće nije potrebno jer je ova kava VRH. 🙂 U slast! 🙂


Soundtrack: The Pogues – Fairytale of new York

It’s Christmas eve. The house is tidy, our tree is already done, and the presents are wrapped. Some are for my BF and me, and some are for our loved ones.

This year our Christmas tree is small because we have a crazy cat who would rip it apart, so we have to keep it small and somewhere high up, where she can’t reach it. We are not too happy about that, but in the end it’s the symbol of the tree that matters, not the size, right?

Today I didn’t feel like cooking much so I just made cottage cheese and mushroom pie. If you feel like reading the recipe, here it is.

First, you have too braise onion (I used 2) in olive oil, then add champignons (around 350 grams) and a small amount of water. Cook it for 15 minutes, then add 2 tomatoes and spice it up accordingly. I put some mediterranean spices, nutmeg and pepper. Cook it for 2-3 minues, so the tomato softens up.

Make pie dough (like you would make pizza dough) – just big enough to fit in your casserole twice (one layer on bottom and one on top).

Mix cottage cheese (I used around 700 grams, but you can use a smaller amount) with 2 eggs and add some salt. Mix it together.

Oil your casserole with olive oil and put the first layer of dough. Add cheese, then mushrooms, but make sure you don’t put too much liquid – rather “drain” the veggies because they will release more juice once they’re in the oven.then, add some parmesan.

Add the second layer of dough. Grate some regular cheese on top. Bake for 15 – 30 minutes (temperature should be around 200 °C).

When I finished making lunch (and ate it, of course), I remembered that I just ran out of my regular winter peeling (Sapunoteka’s almond – vanilla peeling), which I think is great and will definitely re-purchase it. But in the meantime, I need some alternative, so I invented my own winter peeling. 🙂 Here it is:

I added some sea salt, almond oil, small portion of shower gel (lavender + patchouli) and my secret weapon ingredient – few drops of Rituals’ Shanti Chakra massage oil (sweet almond + indian rose). The components are not mixed together perfectly, but I don’t mind that. I’m telling you – this is so good, I just can’t wait to get to my tub. It smells awesome and is very nourishing because of the oils, but also cleans the skin because of the shower gel.

But before I jump in the tub, I think I’ll enjoy a sip or two of my favorite beer alongside the scent of my two favorite winter aromas: cinnamon and vanilla. Makes waiting for presents to be opened a little more tolerable. 😀

Tomorrow is visiting day. We’re going to lunch and then to dinner at both of our parent’s houses. I really don’t know how we’ll survive all the food. 😀 I’m hoping I’ll still find the time to post some pictures, maybe what I wore for the occasion… or maybe my Christmas make – up look, I don’t know yet. Fingers crossed!

I’m wishing you all merry Christmas. This is the time to be modest about your wishes, and to focus more on the people you spend this special day with – and less on what (and how much) you get. Be happy, eat a lot – and make this time perfect for yourself and your loved ones.


Today I overslept my morning class. That didn’t spoil my day, au contraire (as Delboy from Only folls and horses would put it). Since the day kicked of in a very sleepy fashion, I felt like keeping it that way.

Soundtrack (if, like me, you feel like cosing up with a blanket, drinking coffee and surfing the net): Sigur Ros – Sæglópur

The video is amazing! If you watched my previous video recommendation you may notice a pattern here, because I simply adore single act videos, specially when the frames are this vivid and evoking.

Oh and the ring is home-made, I’m no expert in the craft but this is fairly simple. I just formed a bow from a small piece of see through chiffon-like fabric and attached it to a ring (which you can purchase in any DIY store, like Chemaco where I bought it for 1.5 kn).